World Watch:

Second Seal Archive: 2011

                                      Iranian Military fully prepared, monitoring threats' - 2/28/11

                                      Top two Iranian opposition leaders secretly jailed. West fails to act  - 2/28/11

                                      Iran, pushing the envelope - 2/27/11

                                      Iran Is Exploring Nuclear Weapons, Watchdog Says - 2/26/11

                                      Iran rejects IAEA report alleging it is developing nuclear weapons - 2/26/11

                                      UN concern over 'military angle to Iran nuclear plan' - 2/26/11

                                      US military advisers in Cyrenaica and Qaddafi's loses his air force - 2/25/11

                                      US, Israel and loss of strategic allies in the Arab World - 2/25/11

                                      The U.S. Military and Bahrain - 2/24/11

                                      Arab unrest is bolstering Iran while weakening and unnerving Saudi Arabia - 2/24/11

                                      Hamas Iran-made missiles hit Beersheba as Iranian warships dock in Syria - 2/24/11

                                      Israel Says Iranian Warships Carry ‘Advanced Hezbollah Weapons’ - 2/24/11

                                      Israel: Iran using the ships to smuggle arms in violation of U.N. sanctions - 2/23/11

                                      Iran to the P5+1 regarding sanctions, “Now what are you going to do?” - 2/23/11

                                      Iran Warships Complete Suez Canal Voyage 12:52 PM ET - 2/22/11

                                      Today, Iran Warships entered the Suez Canal in route to Syria - 2/22/11

                                      Iranian warships enter Suez Canal amid Israeli concern - 2/22/11

                                      US warships box in Iranian flotilla and delay Suez passage - 2/21/11

                                      Israel sources say two Iranian ships in transit through Suez Canal - 2/21/11

                                     Cairo and Tehran connive to slip Iranian warships through Suez after fake delays - 2/20/11

                                     Sailing through the Suez - 2/20/11

                                     US faces difficult situation in Bahrain, home to US Fifth Fleet - 2/20/11

                                     Israel on high alert, Iranian warships' bringing missiles for Hizballah in Lebanon - 2/19/11

                                     Bahrain Spells Trouble For US Policy - 2/19/11

                                     Middle East: Israel remains America’s most credible, capable ally  - 2/19/11

                                     US seeks to tighten sanctions against Iran - 2/18/11

                                     Mideast violence spreads to home port of U.S. 5th Fleet - 2/18/11

                                     Iran Says Warships Will Make Suez Passage - 2/18/11

                                     U.S. Follows Unrest in Iran and Bahrain - 2/16/11

                                     Nervous U.S. Navy Eyes on Bahrain  - 2/16/11

                                     Russia will not support future sanctions against Iran - 2/15/11

                                    Ahmadinejad: Egypt unrest hails a Mideast without U.S., Israel - 2/11/11

                                    Deep US-Saudi rift over Egypt: Abdullah stands by Mubarak, turns to Tehran - 2/11/11

                                    Egypt: Hizbullah and Iran want to 'ignite the region - 2/10/11

                                    Israel may have to attack Iran - 2/10/11

                                    Arab world and Israel are unified on Iran - 2/09/11

                                    New Iranian Missile poses a Credible Threat to the U.S. Navy - 2/09/11

                                    Egypt nears military coup. USS warships in Suez Canal - 2/08/11

                                    Middle East Flashpoint: Hizballah faces terror charges at Hariri tribunal - 2/08/11

                                    Hamas in N Sinai coordinating with the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo - 2/08/11

                                    Iran will close Strait of Hormuz if attacked - 2/07/11

                                    Turkey and Iran to triple bilateral trade despite nuclear sanctions - 2/07/11

                                    The perfect storm - 2/07/11

                                    Iranian DM Stresses Key Role of Speedboats in Iran's Naval Doctrine - 2/07/11

                                    Iran among top military speedboat designers' - 2/06/11

                                    Iran Supreme Leader: Egypt unrest inspired by our Islamic Revolution - 2/04/11

                                    Iran: Riots sign of Islamic awakening - 2/04/11

                                    Hizballah team breaks 22 members out of Egyptian jail - 2/04/11

                                    Carrier Reagan Strike Group underway for exercise and Persian Gulf - 2/04/11

                                    Netanyahu: Regime Change in Egypt could be a possible inroad for Iran - 2/03/11

                                    The U.S.  sanctions Iranian and Turkish firms for missile aid to Iran- 2/02/11

                                    Bolton: If Mubarak falls in Egypt, Israel should bomb Iran - 2/02/11

                                    UK gov't: Iran could have nuclear weapon by 2012 - 2/02/11


                                    Britain: Iran could have nuclear weapon by 2012 - 1/31/11

                                    International  panel sees huge Iranian response to attack - 1/29/11

                                    Sanctions against Iran, failed policy' - 1/28/11

                                    Blair: Obama's approach to Tehran is failing - 1/28/11

                                    Tehran isn't talking - 1/26/11

                                    New Intel head: Sanctions don't harm Iran nuke program - 1/26/11

                                    Lebanese rally against Hizbullah in 'day of rage'  - 1/25/11

                                    Hezbollah's PM pick wins majority backing as Hariri supporters hold 'day of wrath' - 1/25/11

                                    Iran rounds off grab for Lebanon with figurehead prime minister - 1/25/11

                                    Iranian warships coming to Mediterranean and Red Seas - 1/24/11

                                    US warns Lebanon against Hizbullah-led government - 1/23/11

                                    Obama to withhold veto from Palestinian UN move to condemn Israeli settlements - 1/23/11

                                   Iran balks at nuclear discussion. Military option aired - 1/22/11

                                   Shalom says 'Iranian government' in Lebanon possible - 1/22/11

                                   Tony Blair: West must be prepared to use force against Iran - 1/22/11

                                   Tony Blair calls for Britain and US to launch new attack on Iran - 1/22/11

                                  Iran: 'We won't allow talks to discuss nuclear enrichment freeze' - 1/21/11

                                  Iran: We'll be able to enrich uranium even if attacked - 1/21/11

                                  Iran tests missiles days ahead of nuclear talks - 1/20/11

                                 Turkey to host nuclear talks for Iran, U.N. Security Council members & Germany - 1/20/11

                                 Ahmadinejad warns US to 'Stop sedition in Lebanon' or have your hands "cut off" - 1/19/11

                                 Hizballah's eleventh-hour pullback from siege of UN sites and troops - 1/19/11

                                 US imposes more sanctions against Iran, ahead of next weeks talks - 1/16/11

                                Israel Tested Stuxnet Worm with US Cooperation, Says NY Times - 1/16/11

                                 'Israel tested Stuxnet virus on Dimona plant' - 1/16/11

                                 Israel: New Submarines Make Their Way to the IDF Navy - 1/16/11

                                 Mutada al-Sadr - 1/15/11

                                 Hizballah races to form an anti-West government to beat STL indictments - 1/15/11

                                 Iran Using Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan to Deflect the West - 1/15/11

                                 Obama administration just gifted Lebanon to Iran - 1/15/11

                                 US agencies say Iran not building nuclear weapons - 1/15/11

                                 Al-Sadr complicates question of US troops staying longer in Iraq - 1/14/11

                                 Enterprise Carrier Strike Group deploys for Persian Gulf - 1/14/11

                                 Lebanon tribunal indictment "imminent" - 1/14/11

                                 Iran sends a Signal to Obama through Beirut - 1/13/11

                                 Iran warns upcoming talks may be West's 'last chance' - 1/13/11

                                Obama orders USS Enterprise carrier strike group to Lenban's coast - 1/13/11

                                Hizbullah will not allow Hariri to be PM again - IDF on high alert - 1/13/11

                                Lebanon's Government Collapses With Cabinet Resignations - 1/12/11

                                Hezbollah and allies topple Lebanese unity government - 1/12/11

                                PM disagrees with claim Iran won't get bomb until 2015 - 1/12/11

                                Risk of strike on Iran over nuclear plans recedes - 1/12/11

                                Netanyahu urged US to take military action to stop Iran - 1/12/11

                                Israel: Only a threat of force will halt Iran nukes - 1/11/11

                                Muqtada al-Sadr's Fiery Call: 'US Out of Iraq' - 1/11/11

                                Iran Steps up Arming Hizbullah against Israel - 1/11/11

                                Iran Nuclear Talks to Resume in Turkey on January 21st - 1/09/11

                                Iran claims nuclear technology breakthrough - 1/08/11

                                Moqtada al-Sadr cranks up anti-U.S. rhetoric - 1/08/11

                                No strike at Iran as Pardo takes Mossad baton - 1/07/11

                                Iran builds new Eastern Front in Iraq against Israel, Jordan - 1/06/11

                                Barak: Sanctions imposed on Iran will not succeed - 1/06/11

                                Obama and Syrian trap - 1/05/11

                                Ahmadinejad warns West to end 'bullying' or face 'defeat' - 1/04/11

                                China’s strategic game plan in the Persian Gulf - 1/03/11

                                Iran can attack Israel within 10-12 minutes - 1/03/11

                                Revolutionary Guard: Iran shoots down 2 western drones - 1/02/11

                                Mossad, US, UK cooperating to sabotage Iran nukes  - 1/01/11

                                North Korea may be setting up a nuclear test on Iran's behalf - 1/01/11